Check out Main Sequence’s first solo effort “The Ownership Society”. It was made using 100% samples, including many samples from the Bridgetown Breaks series of records. Available now in our store, or download it here.

“Yesterday…it was a day in which I did absolutely nothing…if anybody asked me what I was doing I would have said creating which is a hell of an easy out…”

So begins the opening line of Main Sequence’s 2007 release The Ownership Society (Bridgetown Breaks Records). With this line, the 27 year-old Portland, Oregon based producer both validates and indicts his life up until this point, setting the stage for an album full of musings on the state of the modern world, as told through the words and sounds of decades past.

This is sample-based music that spends time in the genres of hip-hop, electronic, abstract, and pastiche. The best description would be “movies for the ears”. The 15 tracks that make up The Ownership Society are perfect for sitting in your cubicle, looking like you are busy, and zoning out into a parallel world.

Main Sequence, one of the producers of the acclaimed Bridgetown Breaks series of records, took a circuitous route to creating The Ownership Society. After earning a degree in physics in college in NC, he signed up to teach in an inner-city middle school in Compton, CA. His years in the South, LA, and Pacific Northwest have had a profound effect on the content and style of his music.

Check out the following tracks from The Ownership Society

My Unpatience Self


The Guilded Age


Pay to Play (Feat. Loc Thiese)

Available in our store! Or you can download it here.


Main Sequence - music, science, experiments, etc.


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